The Event

Ingage Partners

Ever since we started in 2010, Miami University Voice of America Learning Center has hosted GiveCamp. The facilities exceptional classrooms, high-speed Internet, and large meeting spaces make it perfect for the Southwest Ohio GiveCamp.  However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we moved the venue to Ingage Partners.  Ingage Partners has been a long-time supporter of GiveCamp and we welcome their generosity.

What to bring

For volunteers…

  • A laptop – we have to create these awesome solutions on something
  • Power strips – We provide lots of power, but sometimes we are short on a few outlets.
  • Creativity
  • Sleeping bag / pillow – We usually work all night on Friday (but not required).  If you stay the night, this may make it more comfortable.We DO NOT provide cots or anything to sleep on. There are restrooms available but no shower facilities. There will not be any overnight stays for the 2021 event.

For non-profits…

  • Pictures, logos, assets for your organization
  • Username and passwords for existing stuff on the Internet.  Some of this may include your current hosting provider and DNS provider.  Check with your team lead before the event to be sure
  • As many decision-makers that you can – we have a short period of time which means we need decisions to be made quickly

It’s called a camp but we don’t actually camp…unless you want to!

In the past we have had people pitch tents outside in the grass.  We have also had some RVs.  If you want to participate, please contact us before the event to make sure its appropriate.