Team Selection

Non-Profit Introductions

Each year, non-profit representatives are asked to describe their mission, their project and it’s benefits. This year, we’re also asking Team Leads to describe a little of the technology in play. Wavering between WordPress and Drupal? Don’t sweat it; we just ask that they let everyone know. This is really important, because it lays the foundation for what comes next.

The Process™

Everyone has a reasonable understand of what each non-profit project is looking to achieve and skills thought to solve the problem. As a volunteer, you may or may not feel like the most logical fit, but we know you can help here in some big way. We’re all going to stretch our tech skills a bit this weekend.

Rather than assign everyone to teams and risk making terrible assumptions, we’d like you to help fill the spots with a few constraints in mind:

  • Each non-profit must have at least 3 volunteers onsite (most of) each day (inc. Lead)
  • Each key tech must be represented in some capacity
  • Everyone must be on a team

Each team lead will be standing near a large sticky note with their non-profit name, key tech, and a few words about the project.

Round 1 (10 minutes)

We ask that everyone head to the project they feel they can help with the best. Introduce yourselves, find out how everyone fits into the team. If you find the team overrun with your skill, see if another team could use your help. Feel free to “browse”.

Take note of what skills are missing and what skills might been in excess in this group. Feel free to mention that Project XYZ is also looking ABC if you find yourself around quite a few ABC’ers. We’ll help with this next too, so don’t sweat it if you’re shy.

Mid Round (5 minutes)

Questions asked of each team by the facilitator:

  • How many team members right now?
  • How many full timers right now?
  • What are you missing?

Round 2 (10 minutes)

You know where gaps exist – please help these projects be successful by filling them.

Closing (5 – 10 minutes)

Questions asked of each team by the facilitator:

  • How many team members are you?
  • How many full timers?
  • What are you missing? (Prompt for who can help should they need it)
  • Are you ready?

Teams are dismissed. Grab some food and happy coding!