Sponsorship Information

Give Camp is a national organization that brings charities and technology teams together, over a weekend, to help start or improve the technology solutions they use.

Over a weekend in October, we are running a regional Give Camp in Cincinnati to serve charities located in Southwest Ohio. We expect to attract over 70 developers, designers and project managers to help at least 10 charities.

To do this, we need your help to cover the expense for the venue and to keep hungry project teams focused on the problems at hand. We also welcome donated product licenses and items that can be used as raffle prizes.

The Southwest Ohio GiveCamp is affiliated with Pay It Foward Cincinnati, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.   All sponsorship and donation dollars are payable to this organization.

We have defined the following guidelines to help you decide how much you would like to invest.

Presenting – $5000

  • All Gold level sponsorship benefits
  • Highlighted presenting sponsor on all media
  • Signage throughout the event

Platinum – $2500

  • Large logo on sponsor slide
  • Larger logo on swag

Gold – $1000

  • Signage at registration area
  • Signage at snack and meal areas
  • Logo included on the swag that will be handed out to the attendees.  (must commit before September 1st)
  • All Silver benefits

Silver – $750

  • Logo on sponsor slide during open/closing ceremonies
  • Your company name and logo exclusively displayed in one room.  Room sponsorships are limited.
  • Brochure material on the registration desk that all attendees will pass when they enter the venue to register.
  • All Bronze benefits

Bronze – $500

  • Your name or logo on southwestohiogivecamp.org where so many developers will come to register.
  • Logo in kickoff and closing presentations