For the Non-Profit

There is a three-step application process for non-profits projects. The first step is submitting an online application that provides the non-profit information, technology information, and a brief description of the project to be done. The first applications are reviewed to make sure the projects are within scope and support the mission of GiveCamp. All non-profits that are approved in the first step are sent a more detailed proposal to be completed for their project. The detailed proposals from all the non-profits are scored against five categories and ranked.  The top proposals will be asked to participate in a short fifteen minute interview to make sure the project is fully understood and will work for GiveCamp. After the interviews, any necessary scoring adjustments will be made and the top ranked projects will be selected for GiveCamp.

On June 29, 2018 we held a Facebook Live event explaining how GiveCamp can help your non-profit or charity.

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