2019 Projects

Preble County Habitat for Humanity


We are currently trying to build a website with WIX, but it is not working out very well, and we are in desperate need of donor/volunteer databases. Preble County Habitat for Humanity is a small affiliate that has not had real direction until their recent hire of an Executive Director. We are working to grow our affiliate and help address the critical housing shortage in Preble County. We cannot do that effectively without a website or a way to manage our donors/volunteers efficiently. We would consider ourselves blessed to receive help with either one.

Camp Joy


The main project is to create an Online Registration Tool (or portal) that will streamline the registration process for school groups who come out to Camp Joy. Currently, the registration and risk/release forms are emailed as attachments to the teacher who then has to distribute them to all of the parents. The parents then mail the forms back to the teacher who then scans the forms and emails them back to Camp Joy. This process is not very efficient and could be made much easier if the forms could be put on the Camp Joy website or somewhere else online for the parents to complete.

If there is time, we would like the GiveCamp team to please update the Fossilator App (for identifying fossil types) that was created at SW Ohio GiveCamp in 2011 so it can be compatible with current iOS and Android operating systems.

RESET 360*

We’re RESET 360*, a new non-profit organization so we’re in need of our own personal website to help gain credibility in our community so that we may be able to ask for donations and volunteers to take our vision to a higher level. Included in this website we’re in need of forms and waivers to be added so our teens will have things at their fingertips and be able to sign in and out during events and tabs at the bottom of our site to link our website with our other social media pages.

Good Neighbor House


Good Neighbor House is almost entirely volunteer run–we need 60 to 70 volunteers per week to run our programs and clinics. These volunteers are separated into two categories that have different requirements/expectations: health services and human services. Currently, there is not an online system to accept either kind of application or to track volunteer hours. We would like GiveCamp to work on a page on our website OR an application that can receive this information. We are assuming this would be similar to what Santa Maria Community Services received.

Since our hours of operation are during standard working hours, most of our volunteers are retired/out of the work force. A simple system online that is easy to use for any individual with low computer skills can use would be ideal for us. We spend multiple hours per week gathering volunteer hours by hand and inputting it into an excel sheet, and both of our application forms are manually managed as well. GiveCamp’s help on this project will reduce the time a paid staff member has to work on this information and allow them to direct their time in other important areas: program needs, fundraising, community outreach, and operations.

Sunlight Village, Inc.


Sunlight Village was blessed in 2017 to have GiveCamp build us a new website. We only had the site up for less than a year when in January 2019 we lost our domain. We finally got access to the files to bring our website back to life. Our organization is truly technically challenged but we are working to learn more about maintaining and updating our beautiful website on a regular basis so we can have a more interactive social presence.

The project we would like to put before your team is a data base that will help us track our clients and the youth that participate in our other programs. Our non-profit provides mental health therapy but does not turn anyone away based on their ability to pay. Our current rate of in-kind work is approximately 35% for therapy clients and 100% for assisting under-served and impoverished families find and connect to community resources. Our youth program works with youth who are involved in the juvenile court system. We are working to bridge them from detention services to the community through a mentor-ship/internship program. With all this we have a very archaic way of tracking our information.

We would like a confidential yet combined way to track all clients, program participants and youth, maintain data regarding services provided and the number of service hours, demographics, unique and repeat visits or services, as well as, be able to provide accurate reports based on the data we collect.”

Vivian’s Victory


We were the recipients of a beautiful website in 2015 from Givecamp. It has served our needs until this year! We are launching a new program, reVIV. reVIV has allowed for our organization to grow our programming and to impact more families with children who receive a significant diagnosis. We have a new color scheme, and new information we want to be sure to share with our audiences. Basically, our website needs a face lift as we begin this new chapter.

We want to be able to make our website mirror more of the Rainbow Trust’s website (https://rainbowtrust.org.uk/), have more visuals, videos, blog and potentially a separate space for families to login in and create a space to share.

Special Olympics Hamilton County


The SOHC website needs to be rebuilt. It out of date from both user experience and stylistic standpoint. We would like to modernize the look of the site and enhance features such email sign-up, event calendars, media sharing platforms, etc. The site’s current content management system is WordPress but we would be interested to learn if there is a newer, more user-friendly program available.

True Theatre


True Theatre has been helping people (mostly in Southwestern, Ohio) grow their Community through the sharing of true, personal stories for 9 years. We are interested in overhauling our website so that it tells the story of us and becomes a place where visitors can learn about storytelling, share their own stories, and become a part of the larger Community we have been building since we started in 2010.

Wegerzyn Gardens Foundation


Wegerzyn Gardens Foundation’s website has not aged well. It is clunky, difficult to update and change content, and practically impossible to add pages. Our payment system is antiquated—difficult for patrons to navigate and difficult for volunteers to submit information. We would like to integrate the payment systems with the volunteer management system, or at the very least, link to the volunteer sign-up opportunities. Our membership is older, but we are trying to attract younger donors. In an effort to attract younger donors, we need to update our website to be more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, more attractive, and more intuitive.



We are in need of an app which would allow individuals to connect with their FAVE 5 through their phone and have a direct link to them as needed.
Once the individual selects their FAVE 5 and enters their contact information an acknowledgement would be sent to the adult FAVE 5 individual asking them to be one of their FAVE 5 and asking permission to add their contact information to their phone. Once agreed upon, the phone number(s) and email information would be populated into the phone app with a graphic allowing the individual to quickly contact them. Additionally we would like links to valuable resource sites related to suicide information and mental health professionals. Through the app we can measure the number of adults each teen has selected, the number of times the teen reaches out and the acknowledgement process.

In time we would want the app to be more interactive but today we just need an app to offer with our tools so individuals can quickly see and reach their FAVE 5 during a time of need.