2018 Projects

Buildit Challenge

A software system to improve the quality, speed, and transparency of the award process to support construction and engineering science fairs.

Camp Joy

Creating an updated tool that is used to determine the cost of camp, outdoor education and leadership programs. The Pricing Tool takes all of the different components that go into delivering a program, such as: number of people, number of days on site, number of meals etc. and based on these variables populates the cost of the program. Create an Online Registration Tool (or portal) that will streamline the registration process for school groups who come out to Camp Joy.

Consider The Poor of Ohio

Create a website from scratch, because the organization does not have an existing website.

Heartfelt Tidbits

Utilize the volunteer form on our website to populate a volunteer database. A database is needed to easily search for volunteers for a specific activity and to communicate opportunities in the area.

Home Is The Foundation

Improve the existing website to streamline and efficiently and successfully connect with our clients, donors and other supporters on a regular basis. The mains goals to accomplish with a refreshed site include; an updated look to better portray our image, easy access and navigation, integration of donor software, and produce a resource page for client access.

Miami Valley Community Action Partnership

A total website redesign is necessary to better service the customers. MVCAP provides crucial services to low-income individuals and families and it is imperative that our clients and social service partners have program information, eligibility requirements, and directions on how to access those services (e.g. hours, locations, how to schedule an appointment). A significant majority of customers rely solely on their mobile devices for internet access, so content must be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, read and search, and have the capacity for online appointment scheduling and fillable forms.

Never The Less

Make updates to an outdated and difficult to maintain website.

Santa Maria Community Services

Develop an online platform to be housed on the website, where volunteers can apply to volunteer, clock in/out, and check their volunteer hours. Having an online database/platform will allow the volunteer coordinator to keep track of volunteer data in real time, and will significantly cut down on the need for paper sign in sheets and applications.

Woven Oak Initiatives

Make updates to an outdated and difficult to maintain website.

Yellow Springs Senior Citizens

A complete overhaul of the website to make it user friendly, mobile compatible, and able to gather information.

Testicular Cancer Society

In 2014, we had the pleasure of being selected as a Givecamp project for our Ball Checker app. The mobile application provided a few facts about testicular cancer, a guide on how to do a testicular self-exam and the ability to set a reminder. Since 2014 the app has been downloaded in all 50 states and over 140 countries.

We are interested in having the app updated with some features to increase returning users and loyalty, perhaps through push notifications and the ability to add a new video of celebrity survivors that are advocating for self-exams, etc. We would also like the ability to have some better way of messaging to our organization, in the case that there is someone that finds a lump and has questions. Perhaps we could add a way to communicate via Whats App. Other anesthetic changes would be excellent as well.

Mommy Has Breast Cancer

Recently diagnosed moms can signup for support via our website today, but we are missing the means for willing service providers to sign up to donate or provide services to the organization. This is a huge need for us in recruiting childcare, housekeeping and transportation professionals. Today, the process of recruitment is very manual and involves faxing paperwork back and forth. If there were a free or low-cost alternative for sharing, and signing documents and/or contracts to facilitate these efforts, that would greatly improve our process. Additionally, we need to improve our donation page and better integrate donation opportunities into our website. We are also missing the means for social workers, cancer navigators and cancer resource professionals to be able to create accounts to refer moms to us. These new forms should ideally have some sort of console or back office system to help manage this. We have recently incorporated Registration Magic Pro into our WordPress website but to be honest, our volunteers don’t have enough expertise to take full advantage of it. We would love to have help getting to a more robust solution to help us help more families fighting breast cancer.