2017 Projects

Caring Partners International

Caring Partners is licensed in the State of Ohio as a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor, but our medical mission organization does not have a software program to manage the inflows and outflows of our pharmaceuticals. Currently, we use an Excel spreadsheet. We cannot grow our pharmacy mission outreach until we have the proper software to manage our inventory properly.

Cross Over Community Development

Cross Over Community Development, was established in April of 2016.  It was created to fulfill a specific need in Dayton, Ohio, for mentors to come alongside the African refugee immigrant population in the city and help them transition to a new and more prosperous life in America. There was, and is, a great need for this population to receive help particularly in the areas of learning English and in obtaining self-sustaining employment.

The main premise of Cross Over has been to develop job opportunities for non-English speakers or English speakers with low English proficiency.  The complete vision is to overcome barriers that keep this group of immigrants isolated from the greater population, and which hinder English development, thus keeping families stuck in low income employment.

At this time, Cross Over Community Development is seeking technical assistance to create a website. We do not currently have a website.

Elizabeth’s New Life Center


Elizabeth’s New Life Center offers material assistance to all of our clients at all six of our women’s center locations.  Three of our centers have boutiques and we operate another free-standing boutique, that stores material supplies for our clients.   We are in need of an inventory application to keep track of boutique inventory items. This application will track a range of items from diapers and wipes to cribs and car seats. The goal of the project is to enable the organization to better manage its inventory of items between multiple (seven) locations in order to communicate needs to donors, communicate assistance items to clients, and give employees a better way of tracking and stocking items.

Good Works Farm, Inc.


Good Works Farm provides individuals with developmental disabilities the support they need to maximize their growth and independence, achieve their goals, and facilitate their integration into the greater community.  We are a live, work, play, grow community of services for the developmentally-disabled across the lifespan.

This project collects registration information for our summer enrichment camp for the developmentally-disabled from campers and volunteers, and matches them up based on need, availability, and experience.

Gorman Heritage Farm


Gorman Heritage Farm aims to provide teachers, school administrators, and group coordinators with a user-friendly online portal for the purpose of scheduling educational field trips and tours on our site.   This online portal would provide the ability for conditional logic, allowing teachers and administrators to choose the Gorman Heritage Farm programs which are best suited for the age-range of their classes, the curriculum taught and their school schedule.  This system would also provide the ability to most effectively communicate with educators who have scheduled field trips, to collect payments and deposits online, and to effectively follow-up with them following participation in a program.  Furthermore, as Gorman Heritage Farm’s programs are mostly volunteer-based, this system would allow our volunteer base to login and schedule their time to participate in and facilitate our programs.



Homefull created a training and technical assistance division – Homefull Innovations – that provides consultation and training to small and large non-profits and governmental entities, with the revenue being directed back to the services that we provide to homeless adults and families in the Dayton/Montgomery County community. Presently, the Innovations webpages do not offer a comprehensive look at the services offered, nor is there a client portal section where clients can login to their profile based on unique credentials. Homefull is requesting the development of the pages needed to create a more professional, comprehensive web presence for Homefull Innovations, as well as the secure portal for clients of Homefull Innovations to access their personal files and information, while maintaining the anonymity that many request as well as allowing Homefull Innovations staff to upload the files to the client portal.

Learning Tree Farm


Learning Tree Farm’s mission is to provide hands-on learning in a traditional farm setting for all children and families in the Miami Valley and beyond.

Learning Tree Farm is in need of a website that is dynamic and easy for our small staff to update and keep. Currently, we do much of our communication and advertising through Facebook because our website, built on Joomla! in 2012 with a one-time grant, is not sustainable. We are an entirely different staff than in 2012, with a solid five-year plan that’s led to unprecedented program growth and community reach in the past two years. We would really like for our website to reflect this and be a tool for good, not a hindrance.

Neighborhoods Over Politics, Inc.

Neighborhoods Over Politics, Inc. would like GiveCamp to replace the Joomla template currently being used on the website to WordPress. We would like GiveCamp to enhance the current website so that it is easy to navigate, with a clear mission and goals, that makes it seamless for people to volunteer and donate to varying initiatives. We want the website to be informative, call people to action, and promote the need for collaboration.

We would like conditional logic added for individuals that want to volunteer; a MailChimp volunteer feature that will be tied to projects and allow volunteers to sign up, choose the capacity in which they want to volunteer, date/time/location, and send email reminders. We would also like an interactive map of the Dayton area, that can be tied to community project locations throughout the year.

Miami Valley Nonprofit Collaborative

The Miami Valley Nonprofit Collaborative (MVNC) requires a more professional website in order to be poised and positioned for growth and expanded services to the Greater Dayton area nonprofit community. Due to a strong response to its services since its founding just 2 ½ years ago, the MVNC is considering changing to a membership association, providing even greater reason for a strategic, more professional & polished web presence in order to attract potential members, donors and supporters.
The existing website at is built in WordPress by a volunteer with no expertise in marketing, design or website construction. To accomplish our strategic goals, our website also needs to not only highlight upcoming events and offerings, but also add a format to include testimonials, success stories, photos and videos.

Project SEARCH


Project SEARCH is dedicated to preparing young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for fulfilling employment in real jobs. We have developed an innovative workforce and career development model that benefits the individual, the workplace, and the community.

Convert existing web site to a more robust CMS so that it is easier to maintain and enhance by non-technical resources.

Rosemary’s Babies Co.


Rosemary’s Babies Co. was established in November 2016 as a global 24/7 online platform to serve teen parents, their children and parents of teen parents. We are contacted regularly through various forms of media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text Message and others to meet teen parents where they are. Presently, we have no system that can track detailed information or updates regarding the families we connect with to include their age, demographic, zip code, frequency they contact our organization as well as the various social media sites these teen parents and their families use to contact us.

This system would need to be online so that our Confidantes can make these updates from anywhere in real-time. We would like the database to be able to retrieve our Petals w/Purpose information using their last name/first name. The tracking system would allow us to attach documents i.e. legal releases, resumes, success stories and photos to report measurable outcomes at 90 days, 180 days & Year End; this information is always needed for our Board of Leaders but also funders. Recently, we applied for funding via United Way and other government entities and a system of tracking was noted as a necessity.

Presently, we track data using site demographics from each social media site, our website, a free sight. Our unstructured system of tracking will not be conducive as we begin to recruit and build our team of volunteers, enroll young families in our program and expand across the region.

Sunlight Village, Inc

Create an interactive company website/social media presence that is user friendly and engaging for youth, young adults and families, especially inner-city youth. We want this project to increase access to information, education and resources regarding mental health and wellness.

Working in Neighborhoods

We would like to update and simplify our current website so that it is both user friendly and easily maintained.

Violence Free Coalition of Warren Co.


Respect in Action is an app that would be used by junior high and high school students and allow them to create a plan of small, positive actions, set reminders to complete those actions and share those goals on social media so they have a community of accountability.

The Violence Free Coalition is committed to creating cultures of non-violence, especially in school communities. We work to empower students to prevent violence, connect to their schools and support their peers. Through our innovative approaches we are helping students create and participate in healthy relationships.